Your problem:

  • You want to manufacture series or individual components for a laboratory device, an electronic device or similar from ceramics?
  • You need high-quality ceramic spare parts?
  • Your current suppliers no longer manufacture ceramic insulators?
  • The ceramic moulds are in need of repair or have been lost?
  • Tool refurbishing isn’t worthwhile or is too expensive?

Unfortunately, glass, porcelain or steatite are only suitable to a limited extent for solving these problems.
The ideal material for it is called:


We are configured to manufacture workpieces for you – from complicated individual manufacturing up to small series.

STUMATIT is a natural stone! (pyrophyllite, AL-silicate).

The raw material is available from us in blocks of 260 x 260 x 260mm.
It can be used in accordance with your specifications to manufacture all shapes (waves, squares, discs, finished parts, etc.).

Advantages of STUMATIT:

  • Lowest loss when burning!
  • High resistance to wear
  • Chemical resistance to most acids and alkaline solutions
  • No expensive tools or moulds required
  • Complex shaping realisable in small series
  • Drilling, milling, turning, filing
  • Narrower tolerances possible, like for comparable ceramic materials
  • Sharp-edged, dimensionally stable contours
  • Glazing of workpieces possible


  • The raw material is available with a maximum size of 260 x 260 x 260mm
  • Adapted, optimum infrastructure – attractive prices therefore possible
  • Short communication routes provide clarity and efficiency
  • Adapted manufacturing processes, own kilns, fast delivery times!

Ask us – we are happy to help you